Funeral and Natural Burial Ground

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Funeral and Natural Burial Ground

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Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Country Burial Ground

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Simon Ferrar


  • Funeral Services, Burials & Ash Burials.
  • Family support events.
  • Marriages
  • Social and Holistic Events

Clandon Wood is a beautiful, peaceful and sustainable nature reserve nestling between the ancient villages of East and West Clandon.

We serve families after a death, help and advise with all of the funeral arrangements and then continue our care with ongoing family support events.

Make us your First Call in the event of a death in the family or amongst friends. We will help and advise of all the options and choices that are open to you – free of charge, whether you choose to use our services or not.

Clandon Wood is not only for burials and the burial of ashes because as a nature reserve it is also a responsible and sustainable way of caring for the living. With thirty-one acres of wildflower and grass meadows, new native woodland and lakes and wetland, Clandon Wood is a living place to be enjoyed every day, month by month – through all of the four seasons.

Funerals, memorial services, family gatherings, anniversaries, marriages, and many other holistic and social events can be held in our beautiful glass Pavilion.

Whatever your faith, belief or thinking everyone is welcome.

Clandon Wood – Managed by nature – cared-for by us.

Calm – Relaxed – Unhurried – Informal


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Funeral and Natural Burial Ground